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API Documentation

LinkMyDeals Coupon API allows you to keep your Website or Mobile App updated all the time with the latest Coupons and Deals from 2000+ Online Stores in India.

If you have a development team or you are yourself a developer, you can use our API to automate the updation of Coupons & Deals in your system. Simply call our API and sync your database, and avoid manual CSV uploads and downloads.

What's more? Our API can respond with JSON or XML format, as well as return a CSV file. So basically you don't need to leave your comfort-zone to integrate with our API. We'll do all the customzations to the response, so there is minimum work at your end. All the parameters use GET method, which makes it even more easier for you to use the API as a simple URL.

Endpoint URL


Request Parameters

(Required) A unique key used to call the API. The API Key can be obtained by subscribing to our advanced pack.
(Optional) The format in which you want the API to send the response. (csv, json or any custom format created for you)
(Optional , Boolean - 0 or 1) If set to 1, this will cause the API to return only New/Updated/Suspended offers after the last extract.
(Optional , UNIX Timestamp in seconds) Timestamp relevant to which you want to generate the incremental feed. This defaults to the last time the API was successfully called by you. This parameter is extremely useful in case the feed was extracted from LinkMyDeals but could not be uploaded in your system due to any error.
(Optional , Boolean - 0 or 1) If set to 1, the 'last_extract' timestamp that is stored in the system, will not be updated. This can be useful for fetching the offers without disturbing your scheduled feed-extract script.

Sample Requests

Full Feed
Incremental Feed
Sample PHP Code

Response Parameters

(Boolean) Returns true (1) in case of successful extract. Otherwise returns false.
  • lmd_id : Unique ID of the offer maintained by LinkMyDeals
  • Status : In case of Incremental Feed, this will be new/updated/suspended
  • Title : Offer title
  • Description : Offer description stating all important Terms & Conditions
  • Type : Coupon Code or Deal
  • Coupon Code : Code to be applied to avail the offer. Empty in case of a deal
  • Offer : Type of offer, i.e. Percentage Off, Price Off, Cashback, BOGO, Sign-Up, etc
  • Offer Value : The exact percentage or price that is discounted on using the offer
  • Store : Name of the Online store
  • Categories : Comma separated list of all categories
  • URL : URL of the Landing page
  • Image : Image URL
  • Affiliate Link : Deeplink by your preferred Affiliate Network
  • Start Date : Date from which offer is applicable
  • End Date : Date when the offer expires

NOTE : The response format shown above is our generic format. The actual format might vary based on the customizations requested (if any).

Interested? It's time to try it out!