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NOTE: We have recently tied up with ClipMyDeals as our official WordPress Theme partner.

If you already have CouponXL Theme, you can definitely use this plugin to integrate our Coupon Feeds. This plugin is stable, and there are no known bugs with this plugin. However, we do not plan any further updates to this CouponXL Plugin in future, as all our concentration is on integration with ClipMyDeals.

If you have not yet purchased a theme, we recommend you try ClipMyDeals, as it comes with all the latest features and a very modern design.

CouponXL is a beautiful, fully-responsive and SEO Optimized Wordpress Coupon Theme based on latest Bootstrap framework. It has been developed with a neat code that can make your website blazing fast.

We've created a Wordpress Plugin to seamlessly upload Coupons & Deals from Indian Online Stores into CouponXL. Some of the advantages of this plugin are:

  • FREE Plugin for lifetime
  • Daily Feeds from LinkMyDeals that can be uploaded directly into CouponXL site - literally putting your website on Auto-Pilot
  • Along with feeds from LinkMyDeals, it can be used to bulk upload your own coupons as well
  • Categories will be created automatically while uploading the feeds.
  • And all other advantages of LinkMyDeals


LinkMyDeals CouponPress Plugin - Screenshot