LinkMyDeals has been into Affiliate Marketing Tools and allied technologies since 2013. The idea of LinkMyDeals came up when we (as freelancers) were discussing the biggest challenges faced by our clients in Affiliate Marketing Industry - mainly Coupon and Cashback Websites.

The Problems of Affiliate Coupon Industry

The problems were plenty, but there were two that were very critical.

  1. Collecting Coupons/Deals: Website owners (or their employees) were spending too much time and resources in collecting, verifying, categorizing and uploading the Offers. They were forced to decide between number of stores they could manage vs the quality & accuracy of the offers that they host.
  2. Managing Affiliate Networks: The second most time consuming routine was to manage different stores' campaign with different Affiliate Networks available out there. For maximum monetization, website owners or their affiliate managers would have to log into each and every affiliate network and compare the commissions. Then they would have to change the URLs for all the offers on their websites to divert the traffic via a different Affiliate Network.

Our Solutions

With our experience in Coupon Industry and strong technical background, we came up with a solution that helps many Affiliate Marketers around the world.

  1. Ready-made Coupon & Deal Feed: Instead of all websites collecting the same offers each day, LinkMyDeals can simply act like a common system for collecting the data, and then generate customized file formats for each of the websites. In doing so, LinkMyDeals also employs a perfect balance of automation and human-intelligence. It can automate redundant tasks and rely on human dexterity for complex and critical tasks. This results in much lesser costs of data collection, and even lesser cost for individual websites.
  2. Common portal to manage Affiliate Networks: LinkMyDeals keeps track of general commissions offered by each Affiliate Network for each Online Store. So website owners can easily select the best affiliate network as per their preference. Once the website owners enter their Affiliate IDs in the LinkMyDeals system, LinkMyDeals can generate deeplink URLs based on the standar patterns followed by each Affiliate Network. To switch a store's campaign from one affiliate network to another, you simply need to change the preference in LinkMyDeals, and all deeplinks henceforth will be generated based on new settings.

LinkMyDeals' Coupon Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tools can be used by all Affiliate Marketers. It doesn't matter if you have a Coupon website with high traffic volumes, or if you are just starting in the Coupon Industry trying to earn some extra money. We've got a solution and a package for each and everyone. You can rely on us completely to find and verify the latest coupons and promotional offers out there.

2x your ROI with Accurate Coupons and 100% Auto-Pilot