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Client Testimonials

The Linkmydeals service keeps our back and ensures that our customers do not miss out on any good deals. Kudos to the team and all the best.

Anshuman Misra, CouponRaja.in

I know LinkMyDeals' team for almost 2 years and it has been an excellent experience working with them. LMD team is very young, active and dedicated towards their client requirements. They have made our day to day task of managing online deals, coupons and offers exceptionally easy, convenient and quick. Prompt and precise in responding all queries. I on the behalf of team Pennyful congratulate them for doing a wonderful job and wish entire LMD team a great success ahead. All the best LMD team!

Mayank Lal, Pennyful.in

Offers from all Stores

Coupon Feeds from multiple stores


Daily Feeds

Get a list of Coupon Codes & Promotional Offers from 2000+ Ecommerce Stores. [Read More]

Customized File Formats

Tailor-made feeds with custom fields & names in CSV, XML or JSON formats to match your system requirements. [Read More]

Incremental Feeds

No need to refresh your entire database. We can give you only the list of New, Updated & Suspended offers since your last extract. [Read More]

Affiliate Links

Don't lose a single penny in commission. Get automated deeplinked URLs from Top Affiliate Networks based on your preferences. [Read More]

Well Defined Categories

All Coupons/Deals are classified into an exhaustive list of 72 categories for ease of navigation for users on your website. [Read More]

SEO Optimized

Unique Offer Titles for every client, means you never have duplicate content issues using our feeds. [Read More]

Auto-Deeplinked with all popular Affiliate Networks

AdmitAd Affiliate Network
Vcommission Affiliate Network
Affoy Affiliate Network
ClickOnik Affiliate Network
Optimise (OMG) Affiliate Network
ICubesWire Affiliate Network
DGPerform (DGM) Affiliate Network
Cuelinks Affiliate Network
ConversionX Affiliate Network
Store Affiliation

LinkMyDeals allows you to set your deeplinking preference for each of the stores from one of the above Affiliate Networks or directly to the Store's Affiliate Program. Once you have configured that, and set your Affiliate IDs, your Coupon Feed will contain deeplinked URLs with your IDs. You can also use our Smart Link Script/API to monetize all your outgoing links.

  • Where do you collect Coupons from?

    Coupon Codes and Promotional Offers are all over the internet. So we literally have to keep an eye on everything - Website Banners, Affiliate Networks, Email Newsletters, Social Media Ads, Display Ads, etc. In many cases, we even have direct communications from stores to list their offers in our feeds.

  • Which are the stores that you cover?

    All of them! Yes, we look to incorporate all the Online Stores out there. Here is the list of top stores with affiliate program in India. If you are interested in any store, which is not included in the feed at present, then just drop us an email. We'll get their Coupons & Deals added in no time.

  • How are the offers categorized?

    Our categories are based upon Google's classification of products and hence aims to be a standard way for affiliate marketers. Here is a list of categories used at LinkMyDeals. If you already have your own categorization, please contact LinkMyDeals support team to get your feed customized accordingly.

  • How often do you update your offer database?

    We keep adding Coupons & Deals to our feed database as and when we come to know about them. Updates happen round the clock, but bulk of them are done before 12 noon each day and then early in the evening. We search and update Coupons from Monday to Friday, and if we find important updates we even publish on Saturdays.

  • In what format are the feeds provided?

    We can generate custom file formats for each of our clients. Our generic file is in CSV format with columns like ID, Title, Description, Start Date, End Date, Categories and URL. However, we are open to all sorts of customizations. Be it a custom column or transfomation of data in any particular column, we're here to deliver it in the best possible way.

  • What are Incremental Feeds?

    We can generate 2 types of files - Full Feed and Incremental Feed. Full Feed covers a list of all Coupons & Deals which are currently active. On the other hand, an Incremental Feed is a list of only the New/Updated/Suspended Coupons relative to your last feed.

  • Do you charge any commission while deeplinking?

    Absolutely not. You deeplinks are generated using YOUR affiliate IDs, and so you keep 100% of your commission. Your relationship with Affiliate Networks continues as normal. We merely pass you the deeplinks, which are same as what get generated by your Affiliate Network.

  • If everyone takes feeds from LinkMyDeals, will it impact Search Rankings because of duplicate content?

    We store upto a 100 different texts for the same offer, and give them out randomly to each client while generating the feed. This means that no two customers get the exact same feed for any store.

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