The Swiss-Army-Knife for Affiliate Marketers

URL Encoder/Decoder

Encoding and Decoding of URLs is one of the most common tasks that an Affiliate Marketer does regularly while deeplinking. However, if you get this wrong, you could end up losing all your affiliate commissions.

LinkMyDeals providers a reliable tool for this purpose, so that you can be 100% safe with your deeplinks.

URL Encoder/Decoder Tool

Redirection Checker

Redirecting links are the backbone of affiliate industry. All sales/clicks/installations are tracked using affiliate links, which redirect via one or more network finally to the merchant website. So before you begin any new campaign, you need to be 100% sure that your affiliate links are redirecting correctly with proper tracking parameters.

Our redirection checker comes in handy for this purpose by showing you the exact path your visitor is going to take on clicking your links.

Redirection Checker Tool

CSV Splitter

CSV Files are the most common format when it comes to importing/exporting any data (including Coupon Feeds). Many softwares/servers have a maximum limit per upload, making it tedious for users to work with these files

LinkMyDeals' CSV Splitter lets you split your files into multiple files of 'n' number of rows.

CSV Splitter Tool

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