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LinkMyDeals automatically updates latest offers on your Coupon website/App with unique titles & descriptions. So you get all the time to focus on your growth strategies. See our short 2-minute video to learn more.

Key Features

Real Time Feeds

Live Coupon Codes & Deals from 2000+ Ecommerce Stores.

Customized Data

Tailor-made Coupon Feeds with custom field names and data.

Incremental Feeds

Option to fetch changes since last extract. No need to refresh entire database.

Affiliate Deeplinks

Deeplinked URLs from top networks with your own Affiliate ID based on your preferences.

Cashback Compatible

Full support of Sub-IDs to run your Cashback Websites/App.

SEO Optimized

Unique text for each client. Rich content for higher ranks in SERPs.

Trusted by the Best

Our quality & accuracy is appreciated by some of the top brands around the world.

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LinkMyDeals makes operating Coupon Websites much Simpler and Profitable.

What we do ...

How LinkMyDeals helps Coupons & Cashback Websites How LinkMyDeals helps Coupons & Cashback Websites

Here's how we do it ...

1. We collect Coupons & Deals

LinkMyDeals Coupon Feed Sources

Coupon Codes and Deals are all over the internet. So we literally have to keep an eye on everything - Website Banners, Affiliate Networks, Email Newsletters, Social Media Ads, Display Ads, etc. We even provide a "Merchant Account" for stores to directly enter their offers in our feeds.

All this is updated in real time round the clock. That's 12,000+ Coupons and Deals, from 2000+ Online Stores. So say "NO!" to stale and invalid coupons. Subscribe to LinkMyDeals and see the difference.

2. We process the Coupons

  1. Standardization

    We normalize offers from different sources to a standard tone of writing, and also classify them according to standard categories. So your audience gets a uniform experience across your website.

  2. SEO Uniqueness

    We also rewrite each offer in upto 100 different ways, without changing the implied meaning. These texts are used in random combination for each of our customer to avoid duplicate content issues.

  3. Verification

    A lot of stores give out promotional offers without declaring any expiry date. We check the validity of such offers as frequently as twice a day. As soon as the offer expires, we suspend it in our database.

3. We customize feeds for everyone

We know every website is different, and so are their requirements. That is why we take customization to a whole new level.

We can set any rule-based customizations and filters. So you get your feeds with custom format, custom columns, customized data and just about everything as per your requirement.

Customized Coupon Feed

4. We deliver Coupons Feeds

LinkMyDeals Coupon Feed Download & API

LinkMyDeals has a solution for all Coupon Websites, not matter what size or platform it is.

If you want to start a Coupon/Cashback website in less than 24 hours, you can simply buy ClipMyDeals WordPress Theme, which comes pre-integrated with our feeds.

For websites that are already running on any popular WordPress Coupon Themes, we provide ready-to-use WordPress Plugins to put it on Auto-Pilot.

And for custom websites/Apps, we have a robust (yet simple) Coupon API.

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