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Plans & Pricing

How to tailor the Plan & Cost

LinkMyDeals provides 2 types of data for each of the stores - Premium & Non-Premium.

Premium Data will give you 100% accurate content for any particular store

Non-Premium Data will give you an accuracy level of 60% - 70% for the same store.

By subscribing for the right combination of Premium and Non-Premium levels for each store, you can achieve the perfect balance of accuracy & costs that you desire.


Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday Monday to Friday
(+ Saturday in case of important updates)
No. of Stores ~1000 a la carte
(We'll give you offers from any online store that you want)
Type of Data Non-Premium Premium + Non-Premium
Accuracy 60% - 70% 100% accuracy
if you set all stores for Premium Data
Delivery E-Mail File Download, API
(Scheduled E-Mail delivery and FTP transfer coming soon)
Access to Panel

Not Available

You can download your feed any time and set your Affiliate Networks and Store Deeplinking from our panel.

Unique Content

No Two clients will get the same offer texts for any store

No Two clients will get the same offer texts for any store


Not Available

File and API can be customized for personalized content and fields

Store Name Lookups

Not Available

You can set your own store name for each store

Category Lookups

Not Available

You can map your own category to the categories that we maintain

Affiliate Network Deeplinks

Not Available

You can set which store needs to be deeplinked with which Affiliate Network


Not Available

Redirect Store URLs through LinkMyDeals to activate/pause/change Affiliate Networks Campaigns on the fly

Installation Fee NA ₹ 2000 + Taxes
(Once in Lifetime)
₹ 1500 + Taxes ₹ 2750
+ ₹ 125 per store (Premium Data)
+ ₹ 8 per store (Non-Premium Data)

+ Taxes
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Sign Up

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Monthly Price Calculator

Fixed Cost ₹2750
Stores with 100% Accurate Sources
(Premium Data)
per month
Stores with 60-70% Accurate Sources
(Non-Premium Data)
per month


per month

* Excluding taxes and any customization charge.

If you manually collect this data, check new stores and maintain your affiliate links,
you will need to spend 1.5 hours everyday.
With LinkMyDeals it just takes a click of a button.

Scope of Delivery

  • Uploading of Coupons: If you are using a popular WordPress Theme for running your Coupon/Deal website, we can provide a plugin to easily upload LinkMyDeals Coupons into your website. However, in case of customised websites, the process to upload the Coupons into your database has to be developed by you. We can help with designing and provide best-practices. We will also help in any technical challenges as much as possible from our side.
  • Offer Expiry:If the expiry date of the offer is unknown, we will provide our best estimate for that offer's expiry.
    • If such an offer ends before that date, then the offer will be listed as 'Suspended' in the Incremental Feed and dropped from the Full Feed.
    • If such an offer continues beyond our estimated date, then the offer will be listed as 'Updated' in the Incremental Feed with a new expiry date. In the Full Feed, the offer will simply reflect the new expiry date.
  • Offer Category: Offers will be classified into an exhaustive list of 72 categories that we maintain. Offers belonging to multiple categories will have comma separated values.
  • Customizations: Any customization which requires manual effort will be chargable. The exact charges will vary on case to case basis. No extra charge will be applied for simple format changes and customizations that can be automated.
  • Payments: All payments must be made 100% in advance before the first day of the month.
  • Deeplinks: LinkMyDeals provides deeplinking only for Cost Per Sale (CPS) campaigns. Further, application to those campaigns and taking approvals on same from networks is client’s responsibility. In case a single store has multiple campaigns on an affiliate network, for example a store runs two campaigns – one for “New” users & another for “Returning” users, then LinkMyDeals chooses any one of those campaigns basis its market experience.
  • Validation of Offers: LinkMyDeals does NOT check each coupon or deal individually for its validity. Rather, it relies on communications from stores (such as banners, newsletters and social media accounts), affiliate networks and other private sources. Further, communications from stores themselves and affiliate networks are not questionable to their accuracy and are assumed 100% accurate.
  • Force Majeure: If due to any unforeseen circumstances we fail to deliver the feeds, then a prorated discount will be offered in the next billing cycle.

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