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DGM Affiliate Network Now Supported

DGM on LinkMyDeals

We are pleased to announce that now you can monetize your links from one of India’s top affiliate network – DGM (part of SVG media group).
As a constant effort from our end, we strive to bring all major Indian affiliate programs in the market at LinkMyDeals. And this is definitely one big step towards achieving it !

DeepLink + SmartLink = 100% Monetization

Integrate all your affiliate programs with us.

LinkMyDeals’ advance plan enables you to bring all your affiliate programs at a single place. You simply have to set which store needs to be deeplinked with which affiliate network and your coupon feeds will automatically carry those affiliate links. If that was not enough, you can give us your affiliate network preference and set deeplinking to ‘Auto’, ensuring your sales get recorded in network of your choice.
Intergrate multiple affiliate networks

If you avail LinkMyDeals’ SmartLinks with your Advance Plan at a marginal cost, your feed URLs will be deeplinked on real-time basis. This ensures that you no longer need to worry about following updates from network:

  • Campaign pause updates.
  • New campaign updates.
  • Deeplink formula change update.

To know more, write back to us or browse through our features.

Take a Demo of Advanced Plan

This week we have taken two of the most important pages online. Now you can not only make well informed decisions by referring to pricing table online but also take a demo of Advance Plan’s Dashboard before making a decision. Note:

  1. Demo is for browsing purpose only.
  2. Some functionalities have been disabled in demo account.
  3. Feeds downloaded in demo account are samples, which may be old and not exhaustive.
  4. For incremental feed, last extract date is fixed to 5 days before.

Features to Watch Out in Demo:

LinkMyDeals Merchant Settings LinkMyDeals Feed Download Panel LinkMyDeals API
Merchant Setting Panel Feed Download Panel API Integration Doc.