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Black Friday 2023: Revolutionize Your Revenue

Revolutionize Your Revenue this Black Friday by enabling your customers to access the year’s most colossal discounts, empowering you to supercharge your revenue streams like never before. Now is the time to leverage this fervor, to optimize your marketing strategies, and to strategically promote the most tantalizing offers to your audience.

LinkMyDeals Plugin for All WordPress Themes

Till November 2023, our LinkMyDeals plugin was exclusively compatible with our selected supported themes, like ClipMyDeals, PremiumPress, etc. However, we’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update – the LinkMyDeals plugin now extends its support to ALL WordPress themes! This update opens doors for everyone, empowering website owners to seamlessly integrate our coupon feeds, irrespective of their chosen WordPress theme.

Introducing CouponMart Theme Integration with LinkMyDeals Plugin

We are delighted to announce that we’ve added a new gem to our treasure chest of supported themes, and it’s called CouponMart by Couponthemes. We’ve carefully chosen this theme to expand our collection because we believe it complements our existing offerings exceptionally well. CouponMart Theme comes with a fresh, modern, and user-friendly design that is… Read More »

AffiliatePort: Now Available for Monetization

AffiliatePort is an international affiliate network that connects advertiser and affiliate publishers to increase their earnings. AffiliatePort operates in several regions, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary etc

New Categories Alert!

The e-commerce industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, and new product and service types are emerging every day. To keep up with this rapidly evolving industry and help you categorize your coupons more accurately, we are introducing new categories, renaming some existing categories, and removing some redundant categories as per current e-commerce industry standards.

Apple Services Performance Partner Program is now Integrated

In response to publisher demand, we’ve integrated the Apple Store Program, now called the Performance Partner Program, on LinkMyDeals. This would allow publishers, to monetize the coupons for Apple Services on their websites/apps. Publishers can now earn commissions on qualifying Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Podcasts memberships as well as the sales… Read More »

New feature: Control Dashboard Access for Specific User Roles

With the introduction of Add/Remove User feature, publishers now have the ability to collaborate with other members of their team without having to give out full access to their platform. This feature allows for better collaboration between team members and helps publishers save time and effort in managing user access rights. With Add/Remove User, you… Read More »

Introducing new dashboard for LinkMyDeals Merchant Account

Discover the enhanced experience awaiting you with the unveiling of our new dashboard for your LinkMyDeals Merchant Account. Streamlined navigation awaits, promising simplicity and ease at every turn. Elevate your marketing efforts with the option to initiate recurring subscriptions, connecting your stores with over 100 dedicated publishers.

Railmitra is now paid store

LinkMyDeals has no longer partnered with Railmitra. This results in changing the pricing plan for the Railmitra store on the LinkMyDeals platform.  Effective January 4, 2023, the store, which was available as a FREE store, is now marked as a PAID store.  Due to which if subscriber’s, current subscription includes Railmitra store, it has… Read More »

Onboarding new categories in the list

The E-commerce industry is growing at 2x speed, and the variety in product types have also increased significantly. Therefore, we realized that we needed to expand our categories to allow you to compete with this exponentially growing industry. These are some new categories that are added in LinkMyDeals: Training and Materials – CoursesTravel – Activities,… Read More »