AffiliatePort: Now Available for Monetization

By | September 2, 2023


AffiliatePort is an international affiliate network that has its own performance projects and helps its partners and clients increase their earnings through the Internet. AffiliatePort operates in several regions, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania etc.

AffiliatePort affiliate network is now available for monetization on LinkMyDeals and our publishers who are working with AffiliatePort affiliate network can enter their Affiliate IDs to create affiliate links for its various approved campaigns like Bonami, Alza, Kasa etc

Existing customers can now:

  1. Add their AffiliatePort ID on Affiliate Programs panel.
  2. Configure the “Network Preference” settings as per your requirement.
  3. Manually shift campaigns (if any) to AffiliatePort under Merchant Deeplinks panel.



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