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Where do you collect Offers from?
Only from Affiliate Networks

Exhaustive Offer Collection by:

  • API integration with merchants
  • Directly contacting merchants
  • Visiting Store websites
  • Collecting offers from Affiliate Networks
  • Reading store newsletters
  • Reading store’s App & SMS notifications
  • Following store’s social media & blog posts
  • Following popular Bank & Wallet websites for store offers.
  • And much more
Which Stores are available in your feeds? Only those stores that have added offers on any affiliate network. All stores – whether they are present on any affiliate networks or not. This is because LMD’s coupon feed is independent of monetization options.
Which Affiliate Networks can be used for earning commissions?
Only those networks which have coupon feed APIs. Any network can be added on customer request if not already available.
How are offers Deeplinked?
Each coupon has an affiliate URL of the network which added that coupon. If you do not work with that network, then some limited networks can be set as “default network” to monetize those offers. Store / Merchant level settings can be done to decide which store must carry affiliate URL of which network. You can also sort networks in order of your preference. This gives you complete control as well as automation.
Which Languages do you support?
More than 160 languages worldwide. Only English – as of now
Does each client get unique content?
No. All customers get the same feed. Yes. Offer Titles & Descriptions are written in different grammatical structures for each customer.
Do you carry out any customization?
No. Offers are passed on in standard CSV/JSON formats exactly as they are received from affiliate networks. Yes. We do implement custom fields and formats for premium customers.
How do you offer Support to customers?
Email & Chat Email, Chat (Phone support available in limited countries)

Basic Plan – $59/month
Premium Plan – $79/month
Basic Plan – $49/month (Yearly)
Premium Plan – $66/month (Yearly)

$2.49/store/month (Yearly)
Apart from coupon feeds, does the customer get access to any other tool? No. The entire panel has been designed to manage only coupon feeds.

Yes. Customers also get access to other tools like:

  • Redirection Tracker
  • Mass Deeplink generator
  • CSV Splitter
What happens to affiliate links in coupons if the merchant campaign gets paused on the affiliate network. Affiliate links have to be manually shifted from current network to new one. 

No action needed. LinkMyDeals uses ‘SmartLink’. So if the campaign gets paused or updated the smartlinks in your coupon feed automatically redirect correctly with the next best network as per your preference.

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