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Now earn directly from NearBuy’s Affiliate Program

This week we have added NearBuy (previously Groupon India) in advance plan’s ‘Affiliate Settings’ panel. Make sure to add your Nearbuy affiliate ID there to directly deeplink offers via their platform. Also three new stores added this week for monetization:


Standardized & Customized Coupon Feeds with LinkMyDeals

Coupon Feed Customisation @ LinkMyDeals

Have you been experiencing below issues from your existing offer sources?

  • Irregular title & description lengths.
  • Unwanted use of capital letters.
  • No standard date format.
  • No direct integration help.
  • No scope for adding your brand name in offers.

Get rid of such issues arising from affiliate network & store communications. Simply keep your one point source of data as and get assured help on any automated customization. Some of our tailor made offerings includes:

  1. Short Or Long Titles: We understand that depending on your website / app layout, such as ‘grid’ or ‘list’ you may require titles of shorter or longer in length respectively.
  2. Custom lines in offers: Based on your instructions, we can automate a process to randomly add lines such as “Valid through <your brand_name> only“.
  3. Image URL / ID: For those who use custom themes, LinkMyDeals can include custom field in your feed to accommodate your image URLs or IDs of store logos.

Lastly, be assured, that we can have all kinds of automated customization for you, so that your feed is perfect, every-time.

For your custom requirement, feel free to drop a mail on

Launching CSV Splitter

LinkMyDeals CSV Splitter

Uploading 1000s of coupons everyday is not an issue anymore on servers with restricted timeouts. You can now split your feeds in smaller batches using LinkMyDeals’ CSV splitter from your ‘Advance Plan’ panel. Simply select rows per file according to your server capacity and “Split”.

Introducing our Price Calculator

LinkMyDeals Pricing Calculator

At LinkMyDeals we say ‘yes’ to crystal clear pricing & ‘no’ hidden costs. This is why we have introduced this exciting new tool to lessen any confusion (if it exists) w.r.t. our pricing. Key features to watch out for:

  • Advance plan monthly price calculation.
  • How much will it cost to manually update coupons?
  • Savings you do by using LinkMyDeals.

So how does this help you?

  • With clear pricing model, you can be assured that we do not bargain and that you are not cheated.
  • It lets you calculate how many man-hours can you save using our service and thus plan out your business expansion using it for other tasks.
  • You can make a financial model to gain a fairly better understanding of break even.