5 Points to Check Before Starting Paid Ads for your Coupon Website

By | February 14, 2016

Effective and efficient paid media is a great way to kickstart your success story. But it can easily turn out to be a disaster if the right approach to it is missing.

In this blog, we list down some of the broad checklist points you must consider before starting online ads for your coupon / cashback website & app.

Choose the right channel

When we talk about paid media, there are numerous channels – SEM, Email, Native Ads, Display, Social Ads etc. In this plethora of options, it is important to select a channel which gives you right audience at right cost.

For example, display (push medium) may be cheaper than SEM (pull medium), but SEM gives a more focused and more engaging audience.

Hence, we recommend to get a few basics clear on each channel before beginning.

Enable Tracking for Everything

When you pay to get a user/visitor, it is important to understand where your money been spent. Hence you must track the visitor right from making an impression to him/her, to his/her final conversion, and even beyond in terms of loyalty.

Tracking may be enabled by using third party scripts. The very basic form is by placing Google Analytics code into your website. Try out CrazyEgg if you want some advanced tracking data.

Plan for Remarketing

Always start your ads AFTER you place remarketing codes. This will enable you to reach out to audiences who already know about you, and are easy to convert once again.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Each visitor is hard earned. Hence it is important to get as much ROI from him/her as possible. Make your visitors engage with your website, understand their preferences, and send them offers which are most likely to impress them.

Keep your A/B Testing Plans Ready

Experimenting with different campaigns can give you insights into what works the best with your target audience. So whenever in doubt, run multiple ad copies and review them regularly.

This way you will be able to shortlist the right communication for right audience.


We intentionally didn’t go into details here. In case you are new to this, we recommend taking help from experts.

So that’s all folks! Hope this helps you focus on right things, and develops a right approach for online advertising.

Wishing the very best for your endeavor !

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