LinkMyDeals Addons to Boost Your Coupon/Cashback Websites

By | July 1, 2022

LinkMyDeals provides its customers with add-ons in order to maintain a smooth running service.

  1. Custom Format Addon
  2. Smartlink Addons

Custom Format Addon : We know every website is different, and so are their requirements. That is why we take customization to a whole new level. We can set any rule-based customization and filters. So you get your feeds with custom format, custom columns, customized data and just about everything as per your requirement. Our team will first check the feasibility of applying the rule based filters of your custom requirements.

Smartlinks Addons : A Smartlink is a LinkMyDeals’ URL that redirects any of your outgoing links via your preferred Affiliate Network as per your network preference settings.

Why do I need SmartLink Addon:

You are an individual or brand that does not want coupons for a store, but you still want your users to be redirected via your preferred affiliate network when they click on your Smartlink. 

With the Smartlinks Addon, you can generate Smartlinks for any store of your choice, even if you are not subscribed to that store.

Benefits of Smartlink Addon:

Normally, if a blogger, YouTuber, or coupon website is using a direct link from the affiliate network within their content, the links would work fine until the store program is active on the affiliate network/program. However, if the store program is paused on the affiliate network/program, all your links will stop working and you will not earn any commission.

To tackle this issue, most of the publishers (eg:- bloggers, youtuber, content creator) get smartlinks addon because even if the store program is paused on one affiliate network LinkMyDeals Smartlinks would just start redirecting the traffic via the next best affiliate network as per the publisher’s network preference setting. This would keep the publisher’s commission safe.

Normally, a Smartlink can be created only for the stores that a publisher has subscribed to. However, with Smartlinks addon, the publisher can generate a Smartlink even for a store to which he/she has not subscribed to. 

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