LinkMyDeals Plugin for WordPress Coupon Websites

By | December 22, 2015

WordPress Themes are best way to quick start a Coupon/Deal Website. With a lot of solid features, you can easily customize the look and feel of your website to something unique.

List of popular WordPress Coupon Themes we are integrated with:

  • ClipMyDeals
  • Rehub
  • Clipper
  • CouponXL
  • CouponXXL
  • PremiumPress
  • Couponis
  • Coupon-WP
  • Couponer
  • MTSCoupon
  • Couponhut
  • WP-Coupon-Pro

It is no surprise that many of you are using above WordPress themes for creating their Coupon Websites. And so, we’ve created a plugin to seamlessly upload Coupons & Deals from Stores into them. Some of the advantages of this plugin are:

  • Plugin is your for lifetime
  • Daily Feeds from LinkMyDeals that can be uploaded directly – literally putting your website on Auto-Pilot
  • Along with feeds from LinkMyDeals, it can be used to bulk upload your own coupons as well
  • New Stores and Categories may be created automatically while uploading the feeds, depending on your theme.
  • And all other advantages of LinkMyDeals

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