Pricing & Billing Updates – April 2019

By | March 24, 2019

Although there have been significant improvements in the quality of our services since inception in 2014, there have been very little changes in our offerings and billing processes. And we believe this is a high time to make these changes now, because:

  1. In 5 years of our service, we have devised a better pricing module – which reduces the monthly cost of most of our users and is much easier to understand and yet is still flexible.
  2. We are fast expanding to new countries now.
  3. With increase in business, we have gained economies of scale now and we wish to pass benefits of this to our clients.

So here we go, changes are as below:

Pricing & Plan Changes

  • Going ahead, we would be having only ‘Premium Quality’ of data. In other words, there won’t be any option to opt for ‘non-premium’ quality. So all you get from LinkMyDeals would be 100% accurately sourced & verified data.
  • There would be just two subscription plans on LinkMyDeals – FREE & PAID. While free plan would have limited stores and data, paid plan will have a simple pricing of Flat USD 2.99 per store per month.
  • Monthly fixed cost of INR 2,750/- will not be applicable anymore.
  • All users in ‘Advance Plan’ will now automatically be shifted to Paid Plan at the end of their billing cycle and their ‘Premium Stores’ will be charged thereafter.
  • All users using ‘Non-Premium’ quality in Advance Plan will be able to fetch such feeds only till the end of their existing subscription. They will not be able to renew in non-premium quality. Premium Quality data will however be available for the same stores.
  • All users in ‘Budget Plan’ will not be able to renew their subscription. They will now have to re-register for the FREE or PAID plan.

Billing Process Changes

  • Non-Indian firms and Indian firms not registered for Goods & Service Tax (GST) payment will have to renew there subscriptions via PayPal only.
  • Indian firms registered for GST will be able to change their stores for next billing cycle 5 days before account expiry. They can get the Proforma Invoice from LinkMyDeals panel and pay online via Instamojo as per the Proforma Invoice.
  • If the user makes any store change during his / her active subscription, a new billing cycle would be started from the date of such store changes. Unused balance (of carried forward stores only) on prorata basis will be adjusted immediately in renewal payment link. Payment for such store changes has to be made on the same day. In case the payment isn’t made on same day, a new payment link (with revised price on prorata basis) has to be generated from panel.
  • If the subscription isn’t renewed on time and the account gets expired, then your account will be transferred to free plan (i.e. all your Paid Store subscription settings in your LinkMyDeals panel will be dropped and your smartlinks won’t work). Thereafter you will have to visit your panel and resubscribe to stores you need in feed to generate a new renewal link. Hence to avoid this inconvenience, timely renewal before expiry date is recommended.
  • For users using PayPal account for subscription, their account will be auto-charged as per their existing LinkMyDeals settings unless they cancel the subscription.

Account Related Changes

  • Users will now be directly able to make changes to their store subscription from LinkMyDeals panel. No need to create tickets for store changes.
  • Since we are not charging the Monthly Fixed Cost anymore, the SmartLinks’ cost is included in the store’s subscription. Hence SmartLinks for stores for which you are not taking the feed will have an add-on cost monthly. However, for ease of existing customers, this change will be implemented only from 1st June 2019.

Important Links

For any queries on these changes feel free to reach us out at:

  • +91 22 4893 1293 (Mon-Fri, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM IST)
  • (All days)

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