We now Support Cash-Back Systems

By | February 2, 2016

LinkMyDeals' SmartLinks

SmartLinks can now support SubIDs

A SubID is a string of alphanumeric characters generated at the end of a redirect URL, which records a user-defined variable. Use subIDs to record and track unique user attributes, traffic sources, banners, and/or link placement. In a nutshell, affiliates use subIDs and subID reporting to determine what’s working for them and what isn’t.

This functionality is extremely useful for Cashback systems, as they need to keep track of sales generated by their respective users.

Now, instead of keeping track of different URL parameters for SubIDs at different Affiliate Networks, you can simply use s1 to s5 parameters with your SmartLinks. LinkMyDeals will redirect them via affiliate deeplinks with SubIDs.

For more details on how to implement SubIDs using SmartLinks, log into LinkMyDeals and visit the SmartLinks.

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      We are glad you like it! Do let us know what other functionalities you would love to have with LinkMyDeals.


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