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By | January 21, 2023


Much like every living organism has a way to communicate with others, software and apps also exchange meaningful information.

Applications can “talk” to each other through a medium – an intermediary channel – called API. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. This is an environment designed to carry the components needed by two pieces of code, software, or apps to communicate with each other.

As an analogy, think of Netflix. By entering commands and telling it what to play, you are using an API to communicate with it.

In much the same way, coupon APIs are designed to allow your enterprise applications and software to communicate with the coupon feed you are subscribed to.

This enables the enterprise software to pull data from the feed, process it into meaningful marketing material, generate coupons and customize them, and so much more.

Many affiliate marketers today are utilizing coupon APIs to improve their workflows and make marketing processes more efficient and impactful.

In today’s highly competitive world, it is absolutely essential for businesses to reduce times to market without compromising on the quality of the output. Deals API can help your affiliate marketing channels leverage the speed and convenience to stay ahead in competition.

What is Coupon API?

Coupon API is an environment that allows you to pull coupon data from any and all of your affiliate networks. Deals API is a dedicated mechanism for coupons that provides an interface for two software or applications to communicate with each other and share coupon information.

By gaining this functionality, your affiliate program can generate coupons, distribute them, automate coupon processes, personalize or customize coupons according to the marketing cohort, and a lot more.

Today, it has become essential for affiliate marketers to have a coupon API in place to expedite and streamline the processes pertaining to coupon-based marketing.

Who Needs Deals API?

A coupon API is actually meant for marketers who have a detailed coupon strategy mobilized. If you are a marketing affiliate for a brand, your campaigns will do well with a robust promo code API in place.

There are two classes of professionals who leverage coupon APIs for marketing:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Developers

Developers who are directly engaged with brands for their marketing strategies leverage coupon APIs to speed up the marketing process.

Affiliate marketers make use of coupon APIs to inform their marketing strategies. Some coupon feed platforms like LinkMyDeals also provide dedicated dashboards in a deals API to enhance the user experience and make it simple to execute a coupon marketing task.

What to Expect in a Coupon API?

If you partner with LinkMyDeals as a coupon API and feed associate, your affiliate marketing business will receive a highly detailed, customized coupon feed.

You can get access to the latest deals and offers with as little input as a URL and a few parameters for the coupon feed customization.

With LinkMyDeals, you can expect the following parameters in the coupon API:

  • Endpoint URL – The API initiation
  • Information request to generate feed response – You need to provide the API key. This key is used to call the API. You would then be prompted to select the format in which you wish to receive the output. Once that is done, you would need to specify whether you want to refresh the entire feed or only the incremental changes. The API would then request the timestamp information. You can request this information to be off the record to keep the schedules undisturbed.
  • The response you receive will contain the following information:
    • The unique ID of the offers
    • Status of the offers
    • Title of the deals and offers
    • Description, including terms and conditions, what the offer is for, etc.
    • Type of the offer – whether it is a coupon or a deal
    • Coupon code (this field will remain empty in case the type is a deal)
    • The store where the offer is from
    • The affiliate network where the offer is pulled from
    • The categories the offer belongs to. Each category is separate by a comma
    • Whether you are the exclusive publisher of the coupon
    • Start date of the coupon
    • End/expiry date of the coupon

How to Implement Coupon API?

Implementing a coupon API with LinkMyDeals is fairly simple. There are two ways to do it:

  • Implement the processing of incremental feeds only
  • Implement the processing of the entire coupon feed

Let’s understand both in detail.

Incremental Feeds

If you only wish to receive updates since the last refresh, follow the steps below and create a script:

  1. You need to create a temporary table to stage your incremental feed.
  2. In the LinkMyDeals coupons, check each ID for its status. If the status is “New,” it means that this is a new coupon. You can add it to your table. If the status is “Updated,” it means an existing coupon has new information – you can add this one to the table too. If the status is “Suspended,” you can go ahead and delete the coupon.

Full Feeds

In case you wish to receive the entire list of coupons that are currently active, you should follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Create a temporary table in the database to upload the feed.
  2. For every coupon you see from the pulled feed, perform the following actions:
    1. Add the coupons as “New” if you don’t already have them in your database
    2. For existing coupons, update the details with the latest ones in the table
  3. After updating all the coupons from the latest feed, you can delete the older ones.

Why Does Your Business Need Coupon API?

Marketing using coupons isn’t just handing out mindless offers and deals. Devising a coupon marketing strategy is as essential today as planning a full-fledged marketing campaign. A coupon strategy that is well-planned has the potential to earn countless benefits for a business.

However, the strategy implementation part sometimes runs into a wall – and this is where coupon APIs come in. There are several reasons that, as an affiliate marketer, you need to implement a deals API sooner than later:

  • There are countless affiliate marketers today on the internet, vying for commissions by speeding up their coupon update process
  • You need your coupon generation and distribution to be as quick as possible to reach the audience before your competitors get a chance
  • The coupon system you deploy needs to collect, collate, and process data from a multitude of touchpoints. This will help you deliver customized, personalized coupons to cohorts
  • For effective coupon marketing strategies, you need all your data to be centralized and accessible

A robust coupon API can help you with all of the above pain points.

  • A good deals API lets you automate the processes around your coupon system, helping you reduce the overall time to market.
  • Coupon APIs help you quickly integrate with your ERPs, aiding with coupon generation , distribution and usage tracking. It keeps you competitively engaged in the market.
  • A promo code API can integrate with your CRM and help you customize every coupon according to the person you are marketing it to. It helps you close more deals and improve your commissions.
  • You can stitch together a seamless customer journey using a coupon API environment to improve the transportability of codes from one channel to another.

Essentially, you need a coupon API because it helps you save time, resources, cost and developmental efforts needed to place a good marketing strategy in order.

Benefits of Coupon API

Coupon APIs can help your business come into the competitive ranks quickly. You can score more leads and offer the latest deals to customers, helping you improve your revenues along the way.

There are five key advantages of using promo code API. Let’s see what they are.

1. Automation of Coupons

Automation is known to speed up slower processes and eliminate errors therein. Using coupon API to keep your feeds updated thus helps your company reduce the associated turnaround times. It helps you deliver a better experience to your customers.

Through deals APIs, your development teams can achieve more goals in lesser time, improving the overall throughput. Your company can automate the creation of new coupons. The delivery process can also be automated to a large extent.

Think of the competitive advantage your affiliate brand gains with coupon API automation.

2. Experimentation and Innovation

Promo code APIs give your developers the freedom they need to integrate two apps together and create something entirely innovative. This method of standardizing the data exchange process, when applied to coupon feeds, has tremendous benefits for affiliate marketing.

You can now furnish a seamless customer experience across various channels and platforms. The coupon workflows can flow unhindered between channels, interfaces, stores, and apps and even become cross-device compatible.

Using APIs, you would never lose track of the customers who used leveraged your coupons, whether they used them, where they were used and if that customer will return to your channel for more.

3. Better Coordination Between Departments

Coupon APIs make it easier to communicate with all your affiliate branches in a single sweep. It is possible to establish a single stream of data exchange that is centralized and updates the information for all the branches, anywhere in the world.

It becomes easy to manage the updates, changes, modifications, retractions, cancellations, etc., from a centralized location using deals API platforms. It reduces the risk of miscommunication, improves interdepartmental coordination, and achieves an overall enhancement in the efficiency of the coupon process.

Consider getting a coupons API if you have decided to become an affiliate marketer.

4. Better Manoeuvrability for Coupons

Every marketing campaign is dynamic. While the goal remains the same, the method to reach it keeps changing. The same concept applies to coupons as well.

The information pertaining to coupons keeps updating, changing, and expiring. By using coupon APIs, your marketing campaigns keep running smooth as a breeze.

APIs allow you to set up store integrations with seamless data exchange. Through coupon APIs, you will be able to update coupon information on the fly without having to worry about causing delays or losing customers/commissions in the process.

Deals API is a great way to be efficient with your coupon marketing campaigns.

5. Digitize Your Operations

Gone are the days of the physical distribution of coupons with pizza boxes or handouts. Affiliate marketing has morphed into the digital world, like adopting second skin – your campaign should be able to do that as well.

By implementing coupon APIs, you will be able to pull coupon data from feeds and apply this necessary information to all your marketing campaigns. Not only does this help you speed up the entire process, but it also eliminates errors and reaches a wider audience pool that is active on the internet.

In fact, not investing in APIs is a sure shot way to lose in the competition – because everyone else is doing it.

Coupon API with LinkMyDeals

LinkMyDeals is a coupon feed and peripheral service that empowers your affiliate marketing network to get the best of coupon marketing. With our coupon API, your devices stay updated with the latest information on all the coupons, from over 2,000 eCommerce stores around the globe.

Whether you have a WordPress theme installed or are working with a dedicated developer for your coupon website, LinkMyDeals promo code API provides you with automation capabilities for all your coupon feeds.

You can pull data from all your affiliate networks through LinkMyDeals integrated coupon API. The data is centralized and customized to your needs. To add to the convenience, we offer a JSON/CSV format through REST API, making it simpler for your business to utilize the information received.

You can enter a simple URL to request offers. The API requests the following information:

  • API key
  • Required format – JSON, CSV or standard. This input is optional.
  • Incremental – in order to only update the changes since the last pull.
  • Last extract timestamp
  • Off-record extracts to update your coupon feeds without disturbing the schedule already set.

Once all the parameters have been provided, you will receive the following information in response:

  • Offer IDs
  • Title and status
  • Description and type
  • Coupon code
  • Offers and offer values
  • Name of the store
  • Categories of the offer or coupon
  • URL
  • Publisher
  • Affiliate link
  • Validity timestamps

Wrapping Up

It must be abundantly clear by now that coupon marketing strategies aren’t as straightforward as they seem. You need a robust network of coupons and timely updates to stay ahead of the competition. This is where promo code API can help you make the most of your coupon marketing strategies.

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