Correct Deeplinking for Network Exclusive Coupons!

Exclusive codes of a particular network may not give you commission if the sale happens with the tracking link of another affiliate network. Mass deeplinking processes and regular redirect scripts may not take this under consideration resulting in loss of revenues for affiliates. LinkMyDeals, with the help of SmartLinking technology, redirects each networks’ exclusive codes… Read More »

Launching Auto-Pilot Mode for WordPress Themes

  No More CSV Downloads. We have upgraded our WordPress plugins this week for API Integration. Follow below steps to implement this change: Install / Upgrade to our latest WordPress plugin. Get your API key from LinkMyDeals panel & enter it into the plugin. Click save and you are ready for a long vacation 🙂

A Quick Look on Growth of Indian Coupon Industry

Indian coupon industry has come a long way in a very short span of time. From near to zero in 2009 to about 15% of the total e-commerce market in India in 2016, this industry has seen some high competition and some great innovations. This growth has not only given a boost to parent industry… Read More »

What not to do in Affiliate Marketing

As in any other industry, Affiliate Marketing too has some Do’s & Dont’s. Some of the “Dont’s” are so serious, that they may even lead to your affiliate account getting banned. These conditions are mostly defined by merchants and are part of terms and conditions which you accept while applying for any program/campaign. Top 5… Read More »

Standardized & Customized Coupon Feeds with LinkMyDeals

Have you been experiencing below issues from your existing offer sources? Irregular title & description lengths. Unwanted use of capital letters. No standard date format. No direct integration help. No scope for adding your brand name in offers. Get rid of such issues arising from affiliate network & store communications. Simply keep your one point… Read More »

Launching CSV Splitter

Uploading 1000s of coupons everyday is not an issue anymore on servers with restricted timeouts. You can now split your feeds in smaller batches using LinkMyDeals’ CSV splitter. Simply select rows per file according to your server capacity and “Split”.

Beginner’s guide to Affiliate Marketing

It is the age of Start-ups & they are known for “jugaad” (makeshifters) and a lot of people have innovative products in their mind. With so many investors and government programs like Startup World, they are able to launch their products, sell them, and make money out of them. But not all start-up ideas involve… Read More »